We are a mobile vegan wood-fired catering business, located in Pembrokeshire. We started up in 2018 offering takeaway pizza in the North Pembrokeshire area, around Fishguard and St Davids.

Celtic Crust was created through a passion for cooking and catering in-particular the best kind of food…pizza! We like to create tasty food and enjoy people eating what we’ve made.
As an outdoor caterer our wood-fired pizza (but not just pizza!) is available for bespoke, private and public events such as parties, markets, festivals and weddings etc. Our standard menu and customised options are available. We focus on simple, bold and delicious flavours to show off amazing ingredients.
We open seasonally for regular take-away pizza evenings. Often heading to some fantastic campsites serving up for pizzas during the summer in Pembrokeshire.
We will be available for hire throughout the year to make your next event, a great one!

Where to find us

Here is a list of where you can get your pizza fix. We hope to keep this as up to date as possible. But for current affairs follow us on social media.

At Celtic Crust we aim to create tasty vegan pizza and food for people to enjoy. We try to use as much organic and local produce as possible as we thing this adds to the flavour, sustainability and supports local businesses.

We make a thin crust pizza with crisp crust, house made yeast’ed dough, cooked tangy tomato sauce or creamy garlic sauce, a coconut oil based mozzarella ‘cheese’ and a load of toppings.
Our menu features some of your favourite regular pizza toppings or flavours and also hopefully somethings that are a little different, but no less yummy!

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Contact Us

Keep up to date with all our goings on on our social media channels.

We like to show you all sorts of food creations, daily or weekly menus, our locations, local events and things we get up to on days off.

We also love seeing your Celtic Crust goodies being enjoyed, so tag us in your snaps #celticcrustpizza and #pizzawithaview

If you want to ask us anything, please do.