Why Vegan?

Celtic Crust Vegan Pizza Takeaway based in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. Serving fresh, all homemade, wood-fired vegan pizzas and a section of desserts. Available from Fishguard Garden Centre.

Who doesn’t love animals?

Why in a world with such an abundance of amazing, different and amazing plants do we need to create and continue to create and profit from animal cruelty. Right now we are in a position to push forwards with a movements that is so beneficial for so many reasons. There are way too many to list!

A vegan diet is simply, food that is plant based. Leaving out all meat (including fish, shellfish and insects) and animal products like eggs, dairy and honey. Plants contain significantly less calories and fat than meat, they also contain many more nutrients. Generally speaking having a plant based diet means people are often healthier and feel better. It can lower BMI, improve cholesterol and blood pressure profiles.

Veganism is a lifestyle that tries to exclude, as much as possible the exploitation of animals in all forms. It covers many aspects of daily life. Most vegans, to some degree won’t consume products that are tested on animals, such as beauty and cleaning products. Some may not wear animal based clothing like leather or wool. For more information head to The Vegan Society and begin learning.

There are also ethical and environmental benefits becoming vegan or starting on the journey. Vegetables on the whole are cheap are cheaper than animal products. Also with an increasing number of vegan products available in supermarkets the transition is becoming easier. We at Celtic Crust try to use as much local and organic produce as possible in our cooking. Our bases are made with organic flours, organic tomatoes for the sauce and many organic products in our cakes. We make everything (apart from Violife Cheeses) on site; from the bases that are hand stretched, faux meat toppings, tomato sauce and desserts.


To us a plant based diet is a win win. It’s healthier, which means we can eat more…Pizza?!

By producing awesome tasting vegan pizzas and other treats we can cater for everyone! Yes, even the carnivorous types and the sceptics should feel like their not missing out. Everyone should feel satisfied!


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